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We help Chief Data Officers switch from defense to offense. From risk mitigation to value creation.

We TRANSFORM the way that business teams and analytics work together

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We help our clients change the mindset of teams to ask better questions to data resulting in profitable growth and the reduction of risk. We improve engagement between business and analytics teams and demonstrate clear value between analytics investments and business results. We have over 15 years experience working in both the UK Commando Forces on military operations around the world and some of the largest organizations globally. We have built game changing capabilities inside these organizatoins and won multiple awards for our methodologies and intellectual property. Our proven process and technology gets results fast and as such we have been trusted by some industry leading brands.
Goldman Sachs
Boston Scientific
C Space
North Western Mutual
Asda Walmart

"The simulation is incredible with Graham and his team... in terms of bringing a diverse team together, it taught us to ensure we are all clear in terms of alignment, respecting each other to ensure that all team members regardless of their role have their opinions heard. I would also add that it gave us the tools to reduce bias which has definitely improved the questions we ask!”

Andrew Greenwell, National Sales - Boston Scientific