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Data culture is decision making culture.

We transform the way that business and advanced analytics work together. If organisations fail to anchor new analytics capabilities into their most important decisions across teams everyday, then they will fail to find the value from their data.

At Pelatum, we started our journey in Military Intelligence operating in complex operational environments around the Globe. This experience really taught us that competitive advantage in a complex world is going to come from our ability to turn all of the information that we have into actionable intelligence.

Ask Better Questions

We believe that in a data driven world, the most valuable capability will be our ability to ask better questions.
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We help our clients change the mindset of teams to ask better questions to data resulting in profitable growth. We have over 15 years experience working with some of the largest financial services organizations globally.
Goldman Sachs
Boston Scientific
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"This helped us ask more focused questions in order to get more relevant data."

Goldman Sachs