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We transform leadership and team development through digitally enabled resources and experiences designed to have an immediate impact on performance. This is not e-learning, but applying new tools to business challenges that your teams face today.

We bring a notably different perspective that offers a mindset and skill set shift in the business. We started our journey in Military Intelligence operating in complex operational environments around the Globe. Our experts have a rich understanding of people and how they behave, real world experience grounded in our award winning research.

Virtual Intelligence Lab®

Help your business teams overcome challenges as they arise day-to-day, with over 60 digital resources and experiences from simulations, common language guides, top tips, checklists and common mistakes to avoid. Accessible via a mobile or laptop.
Our Intelligence Lab

Ask Better Questions

We believe that in a data driven world, the most valuable capability will be our ability to ask better questions.
Our Intelligence Lab
Better Business QuestionsPelatumAdvanced Analytics

Our Clients

Dozens of Fortune 500 companies have partnered with Pelatum to change the mindset of teams to ask better questions to data resulting in profitable growth.
Goldman Sachs
Boston Scientific
C Space
North Western Mutual
Asda Walmart

"This helped us ask more focused questions in order to get more relevant data."

Goldman Sachs