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We're a dynamic consulting firm, focused on developing leaders for a data driven future. We initiate change in business teams through our unique intellectual property and technology.

What industry leaders say

"Changing the way your company thinks about and acts on data. Recommended for anyone looking to build a data-driven culture across their business."

Ryan den RooijenGlobal Director of Data Services at Dyson

"A great exponent of the culture organizations need to embrace to get the best from data. If you are looking to learn and drive change in a complex and fast evolving world you will find insight here."

Simon HayCEO Outra

"Graham makes a much needed contribution to big data and analytics. He uses his military experience to illustrate vividly the role of management in enabling front line people to benefit from data in real time and reap the benefits from their investments."

Stan MaklanProfessor of Big Data Marketing Analytics, Cranfield University

“The how to guide for a modern data driven business leader, with brilliant first hand experience from Graham… Messy Teams is genius…”

Paul BrookDirector Data Analytics, Dell EMC

"Graham has leveraged his background in military intelligence to lay out a compelling and practical argument as to why organizations in today's complex business environment need to shift from an execution mindset to a discovery mindset."

Martin ReevesSenior Partner, Boston Consulting Group

"Skilfully weaving together big data and decision making to create a business culture that will thrive."

Steven D'SouzaSaid Business School, University of Oxford

"A fresh take on what it takes for analytics to fulfil its promise. His book is the best on analytics I've ever read, because it really sets out how to put analytics at the centre of strategy."

James WalkerGlobal Head of Analytics, OC&C Strategy Consultants

"Bringing to life the transformational potential of the new data paradigm and powerfully demonstrates the need to re-think how leaders make decisions."

Dr Mark PowellHead of Insights and Data, Capgemini Ltd

Our Mission

We are inspiring leaders towards a data culture. We are bringing people together to challenge their thinking and drive change. We are working with our clients to build the foundations that enable them to unlock value in analytics.

Our founder

Graham began his career as a Royal Marines Commando Officer, specializing in Intelligence. On operations in Afghanistan, the Southern Arabian Gulf and Sierra Leone he led a team of translators that connected deep insights generated through sophisticated analytics to impact organizational decision making.

He believes that in the data rich and complex business world leaders face today, translators will play a critical role in unlocking value in AI and Advanced Analytics. Graham is the award winning author of Seeing Around Corners: How to unlock the potential of Big Data, and a seasoned speaker on analytics leadership and culture issues and is frequently invited to speak at leading industry events across the globe.

As leader of Pelatum, he is passionate about helping organisations build a data-driven culture.

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