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The Intelligence Lab Difference

30 Days to rapid results
Move with speed. In 30 days, your team applies analytics to solve a real world business challenge. Your people take the lead. Your employees who know your business are empowered to formulate intelligence questions and information collection efforts with our team in support.
Dramatic behaviour change
Break away from traditional ways of working with data. The Pelatum Intelligence Lab helps leaders throughout the organization develop a new mindset and skillset to achieve dramatic breakthroughs with data. We work shoulder to shoulder with your teams to help them ask better questions to your data. We are committed to capability transfer not dashboards of data.
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The Intelligence Lab Results

New ways of working
Mindset change. From data reporting to fuelling innovation through better business questions. Skill set increase. Increase in confidence to challenge assumptions, group think and bias using Pelatum’ tools and expertise. New ways of working. Clarity around a way forward to implement agility and speed of decision making.
Lasting culture change
Increase business engagement - +300%. Increase ROI of analytics - +40%. The result of the 30 day Pelatum Intelligence Lab is not only business value but lasting behaviour change. Teams walk away with the tools, skills and behaviours to overcome obstacles they face going forward and embed lasting culture change.
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What our clients say

“This really helped us uncover Insight rather than information."

GEAnalytics Project Manager

“This helped us ask more focused questions in order to get more relevant data."

Goldman Sachs
Goldman SachsGoldman Sachs University

"Graham’s insights and experiences are fascinating to listen to"

Addison Lee
Addison LeeChief Data Officer

"An interesting way to get colleagues to think more deeply about aligning decisions based on data."

C Space
C SpaceConsultant team - Analytics

“Every project manager who wants to be data driven should do this.”

Northwestern Mutual
Northwestern MutualProduct Manager

"A fascinating, enjoyable, fun and stimulating session."

Network Rail
Network RailChief Data Officer

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