Analytics Translator Academy

Bridge the gap between business experience and advanced analytics

Translators can only make an impact by working side-by-side with leadership and applying analytics to their most important business challenges

Our Translator Academy builds a lasting capability inside organizations to translate their most important business challenges to their advanced analytics capability. It comes from our experience in doing it ourselves and is built around three critical building blocks;

Establish a common language and way of working between the business and analytics, to apply the same methodologies when identifying the right questions to ask, and to understand one another’s roles and responsibilities.

Link content to your organizations transformation goals, as well as your unique cultural barriers and skills gaps that exist in your business. We tailor learning journeys to your business and leaders needs, articulating how skills will enable the desired business outcomes.

Activate apprenticeships to help bring our tools and methodology to life, enabling your translators to learn by doing. We deliver our academy through a delivery architecture to reduce disruption to the business, maximise networking and enable immediate implementation of learning.

Core modules

Learning doesn't drive results. Skills do.

Asking Better Questions

This is about finding gaps in understanding

  • Close semantic gaps with business teams
  • Help the business move from Trawler Fishing to Spear Fishing for data!
  • Effective question management and prioritization
  • Horizon scanning
  • Cross-departmental and company-wide investigations

Messy Teams

This is about overcoming group think

  • Leverage critical thinking skills
  • Thoughtful interactions
  • Build Trust in analytics
  • Adaptive thinking
  • Establish data rituals with the business

Cross Functional Working

This is about capturing alternative perspectives

  • Close Cognitive Gaps with the business
  • Aligning to Purpose
  • Effectively manage cross-functional working groups
  • Virtual effectiveness
  • Coordinating across analytics teams

Impact and Influence

This is about making data-driven decisions

  • Judgement and data driven decision making
  • Building a service orientation to the business
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Lead effective meetings
  • Building resilience

Harnessing Collective Intelligence

This is about breaking silos

  • Re using analytics across the business
  • Social influence
  • Knowledge Management
  • Manage feedback loops and share ROI
  • Intelligence Fusion

“By 2026, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that demand for analytics translators in the United States alone may reach two to four million”

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