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Business Simulations are Essential in Improving Team Performance

As former UK Commando team leaders, before setting foot on the battle field, we would go through intense simulations to learn everything from basic teams skills to how to respond to complex and changing situations.

We bring this experience into every simulation that we run with your teams.

Pelatum is the world leader in leveraging virtual team training simulations and experiential learning to align people to strategy and develop the capabilities they need to succeed.

Virtual High Performing Teams

We support leaders and their teams virtually and in-person to help them navigate the complexity that they face.

Seeing Around Corners™️

An inspiring, high-energy, technology-led, immersive event for teams. Plunged into an unfamiliar situation, you’ll be challenged to align to the business mission, ask better questions and unlock collective intelligence through virtual teams.

  • Virtual meeting effectiveness
  • Asking better questions – learn how to get more from your data by closing the gap between decision makers and analytics
  • Thinking differently – learn to recognize when your own or your team’s behaviors are not data-driven

Pinpoint future impacts

Experience how to spot high impact future events, so you can test critical business decisions in advance and ask the right questions to foresee significant events unfolding.

  • Challenging unproven assumptions and logic
  • Testing limited information
  • Considering the risks and costs of any given decision
  • Identifying triggers and red flags for critical events
  • Asking the right questions to determine whether critical events are unfolding

Explore new futures

Experience a new way to explore complexity and uncertainty with your team, asking the right questions so you can discover what alternative futures might look like.

  • Identifying combinations of uncertain factors
  • Creating a plausible set of outcomes
  • Calculating the costs, risks and opportunities of potential outcomes
  • Challenging assumptions and anticipating surprising developments

Challenge your thinking

A simple, structured and rigorous approach to asking better questions, so you can challenge thinking in your team and find gaps in understanding.

  • Formulating an effective hypothesis and mapping your assumptions in a targeted way
  • Identifying weak assumptions – to expose faulty logic and biases
  • Highlighting situations that counter your assumptions
  • Identifying gaps in your understanding
  • Refine and prioritise your questions to deliver maximum business results

Flip your perspective

Experience how to think around a topic in a new way, flipping your perspective from inside-out to outside-in, to expand your sphere of influence.

  • Developing a clear and concise business objective
  • Creating space to consider the bigger picture
  • Highlighting additional issues that might affect your project/hypothesis
  • Surfacing gaps in your understanding
  • Considering key stakeholders and breaking silos to fill knowledge gaps

“You know a simulation is working, when you see people sweat”

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